Thursday, June 11, 2009

Working to be inspired. Inspired to work.

I picked up my silk supplies from the post office today! I am so excited to put brush to silk again! I have to pick up a few more supplies, finalize my designs work on a color palette and then I can start painting! I have a September deadline to have some new work finished. I will share more about that later... :)

Below is a photo of my book of inspiration. I have never been one to collect magazines (I never look at them again once they are up on a bookshelf). I find I look through a magazine 3 times. First time I take a quick glance through it. Second time I read and take my time absorbing all the articles and Google anything of interest. Third time, I tear it apart separating all the print and pattern by color. All the tears get thrown into a folder and eventually put into a book. The book is loosely organized by color. I need to start a second book as this one is busting at the seams-literally.

The girl on the cover is so beautiful. Why don't we dress like this? The world would be a happier place if everyone wore a little bit more pink, red and orange! Don't you agree?

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