Tuesday, June 16, 2009

hmmm...should I visit a solarium?

I can not resist...

As I was checking the daily blogs that I read, I came across Finish graphic designer and illustrator named Janine Rewell posted on the Pattern People blog. Janine's most recent project made me laugh and then pause and think....What a fantastic idea! Could this be a new trend for those who want a tattoo but don't want to commit for longer than a few weeks?

Solarium's or tanning beds are very popular here in Budapest. Maybe I will start going and taking my floral designs and placing them on me...could be interesting. What will they say about me on the subway? What do you think?

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Willis said...

wow, a most interesting concept! tan patterns using your own body as a canvas.... solariums are becoming less popular here in australia but spray tanning is become more and more popular as it is regarded as "safe tanning". perhaps you could use spray tanning as a means of body art - may be safer than using a solarium