Wednesday, June 17, 2009

inspired by students

My friend Szilvi is a textile instructor at the Képző és Iparművészeti Szaközépiskola (Fine and Applied Art Vocational Secondary School). She invited me to the school to see the end of the year exhibition. I visited the school a few months ago and was introduced to her textile students. I was so impressed by the work they were doing. It was great to see their completed projects.

A little bit about this school...
Students must apply with a portfolio when they are 14 years old! They choose an area of study such as; ceramics, graphic design, textiles, fashions, leather, painting, ect...When they start school they are assigned a teacher who will be their teacher for the next four years. The students take the standard classes but then the rest of their schedule is filled with classes based on their area of study. This high school feels very much like a university. The students are extremely focused and the work is spectacular! I was lucky enough to have Mercedesz Dekleva be my guide through the school. Her knowledge about the school and the different areas of study was impressive. There is a picture of her work below. Thanks Mercedesz for spending so much time with me!

Below are a few photos that I took at the exhibition. There was so much good work I can not show it all. Most of the work below is done by juniors.

Judit Pusztai-textile student
the below is made of aluminum foil! The photo
on the right isone of her final pieces.
Flóra Varga-textile student
I love her illutrations and color!
Mercedesz Dekleva-ceramics student
This is the work of my gracious tour guide.
Eszter Ács-leather student
I really like this piece. I like the illustrations and
I like how the leather bag looks like copper.

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