I come from the land of cornfields, cardinals and buckeye trees—the great state of Ohio. It is a lovely place to grow up. The four seasons always offered an ever-changing palette of colors. The change in seasons still inspires my use of color and designs today.

My earliest memories involve creating where I was always drawing with crayons, sculpting clay and sewing fabric.  My mother was an artist and encouraged me to express myself artistically. With regular visits to galleries and museums and with artists always in our home, art was an integral part of my life.

I studied fashion design at the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) at the University of Cincinnati in the United States.  During my final year of study, I discovered silk painting and two worlds collided splendidly: my desire to paint and work with pattern all the while continuing to work with fabric and form.  Soon after graduation, I found my calling: surface design.

I designed for over 11 years for a high-end retailer in addition to small, large and specialty fashion retailers.  I designed for a variety of products, including apparel (kids, juniors, women and men), bedding, pillows, plates, ornaments, and even snow globes. During this time, I perfected my artistic and business skills such as strong organizational skills, meeting deadlines and staying under budget.  In addition, I worked closely with manufacturers learning all aspects of design from concept to creation.

In 2008 a long-time dream finally came to fruition:  I started my own business with a 110% focus on its success.  Part of the dream included a move to Europe with my husband. I now spend my time building my licensing and design business while immersing myself in all the inspiration that Hungary and Europe has to offer.  My portfolio has expanded to included magnets, stationery, fabric, lamps, wallpaper and wall art with other products in current production.

My surroundings continue to inspire me: architecture, gardens, museums and markets. My style is often described as contemporary without being overly trendy.  I am always researching and understanding trends but I then interpret them in my own way creating a timeless look.