Saturday, November 28, 2009

the ateliers of Chanel

You may not this, my major in college was actually fashion design. I was in a program where we were encouraged to think creatively and then figure out how to make what we imagined. I learned to draft flat patterns and drape fabric. For 5 years I sketched, drafted and draped and then cut and sewed, manipulated and fitted. I learned so much! I think maybe my love for learning the process on how things were made developed in college. I loved watching the transition of a drawing of an idea and then seeing it on a model walking down the runway. It was a very magical experience.

I discovered today that Chanel is releasing 13 short videos on the talents of their ateliers. Karl Lagerfeld founded Métiers d’Arts in 2002 because he wanted the talents of Chanel’s specialist ateliers, of which there are seven, to be showcased. These videos are fantastic! Especially Episode 6!

Watching these ladies work makes my heart skip a beat. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

let the shows begin

Beginning this Wednesday (November 25) the holiday fairs and bazaars begin! Between now and Dec 13 you can find me at seven different fairs.

The first is the IWC (Interntional Women's Association) Holiday Bazaar at the Marriott! From 10:00 - 2:00 you can find a variety of vendors offering great items for gift giving!

I will be there launching my new Christmas card collection! Come by and say hello!

Click on the image below to enlarge the photo and read the details.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Széchenyi Philanthropic Society

I took on a project recently to design a logo for a charity in Hungary. Charitable giving is not customary in Hungary. The goal was to design a logo that was sophisticated and appealed to Hungarians.

I was inspired by the traditional fleur-de-lis and a Hungarian folk flowers. The red and green are colors from the Hungarian flag.

What do you think?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

book review: Illusive: Contemporary Illustration and its Context:2

I bought the most fantastic book - "Illusive: Contemporary Illustration and its Context:2". I spent a number of hours already being inspired by the pages and pages of amazing illustrators represented in this book. You can count on a few blog posts about some of the illustrators I am learning about. For now check out the photos below as a teaser! Click on the names and it will take you to their websites.

Anja Kröncke
Forever Young, Ella Tjader, Lapin, Silja Goetz

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

mother nature's color palette

I have been buried in work and haven't had much time to post. Not to mention I bought a new book on illustration that I just can't seem to get my head out of. Pictures and more about the book soon.....

Until then...I bought some flowers. You cannot tell from these pictures but the center is lime green and the petals are a dark red. I love the color combination nature comes up with. She never goes wrong.

Friday, November 13, 2009

"Exciting World of Pattern Design"

"Exciting World of Pattern Design" by Zeixs is finally out! !AND! I am so excited to announce that you can find me in the book! I submitted designs awhile ago and never heard back. I assumed I didn't make the cut...then I got an email with an advertisement for the book. As I was paging through the "preview pages" I let out a scream of shock when I saw my pillow and photo!

I ordered the book and am anxiously awaiting its arrival!

Click here to go to the website and order the book.
Diane Kappa :)
other designers that are in the book
I am unsure of the names and apologize for not being able to give credit.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Design 5 Seventy-One

My friend Shawna over at Design 5 Seventy-One just posted a great blog called "Goodnight Sweetheart". Tons of inspirational photos of bedding and pillows, not to mention a pillow by yours truly:) Check it out by clicking on the logo below.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

charlotte mann

I read an article awhile ago about an artist named Charlotte Mann. Since then I keep seeing her work in design magazines. I really love the magic she creates with black markers and white wall! Check out her website by click here.
phot0 credit: Elle Decoration March 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a little piece of heaven

We headed to Csákberény for the weekend. I blogged about this little piece of heaven back in June. It is truly amazing how the weeks tension just dissolves as you ride further away from the city. Two days of relaxing, picking sloe's and visiting with friends is just what the soul needed. It was rainy and cold and the fireplace was warm and toasty...a great weekend!
Thank you Catherine for a great weekend!

Picking sloe's and rose-hips with Catherine and Meg
A beautiful view taking during a hike.
Gathering of leaves and discussing the colors of nature.
Hot soup to warm us up.
A surprise visit with Laci Bácsi
Laci = László
Bácsi = uncle
Laci Bácsi = "uncle László"
Tasting his homemade wine and enjoying his smile.
A reminder of why I have fallen in love with Hungary.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

once upon a tutu

A few months ago while participating in a show, I meet two ladies who sold handmade tutus and hair bows for little girls. The name of their collection caught my eye "Once Upon a Tutu". They liked my colors and patterns, I liked their tutus and their brightly colored table. It was a perfect match.

Six months later, I created their logo and packaging, and we have become great friends.

We just picked everything up from the printer. I can not wait to see the packaging with the bows attached to the cards! I will be photographing everything soon. Until then here is a teaser...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

focused and free

The past two days I have been gotten so much done! Why is it some days I can not focus and am so antsy. Other days I can work 12 hours and not feel tired at all at the end. Yesterday was one of those productive days. Even today-oversleeping a bit-I have gotten more done in the past 4 hours than I did all of last week! Maybe its the weather? It has been so cold and dark that lighting a few candles, making a hot post of tea and putting on some good tunes has really got me focused.

Wish me luck for a full week of productivity!
Is the cold dark weather helping you focus? Or do you just want to cuddle up with a warm blanket and take a nap?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bazaars and Fairs

Cards printed...check.
Notebooks made...check.
Magnets stocked...check.
Pillows fluffed...check.
Display ready...check.
Booths reserved at shows...check.
Now I wait!

Show Schedule:
  • December 5: British School Christmas Bazaar
  • Decmber 5: French School Christmas Fair (I will not be at this one but my cards, notebooks and magnets will be-check out the Once Upon A Tutu table! :)
  • December 6: WAMP at Godor
  • Decmber 13: WAMP at Godor
I picked up my new display and all the cards yesterday.
I am very happy with how it looks!