Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays

Hello. I am going on a blog break til January 3. Until then...

Monday, December 20, 2010


What a great weekend! I did nothing but read (actually finished a book!), sat by the fire and watched movies with Steven. I think the low key weekend has helped in my productivity today. I have spent all day working on art for my NY Rep. I received a ton of inspiration boards from him and they have been super helpful in getting me focused and inspired. Thanks Michael! It feels good to draw and design all day.

The new computer has been awesome! How did I mange with a tiny laptop for so long? Do you see the window on the left...see how dark it is? I took this at 3:50 in the afternoon! This darkness is killing me. And to think that it was super sunny all day today. Soon the hours will start being added back into the days...tomorrow is winter solstice.

Have a good Monday!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wall Art now available on Alluminare!!

I am really excited about Alluminare's new product - Wall Art! What and easy and inexpensive way to add pattern to your wall without committing to wallpaper! You can choose from a number of different shapes and sizes. Go check out the website and have fun playing!

I like taking one design and repositioning the colors to create a different look.

Love "Diva" in black and white. Striking and simple.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa came early!

After 2+ years of working on my 15" laptop 10 hours a day, I finally bought an appropriate computer - the 27" iMac! It has been really cold here in Budapest and a fire, some coffee and a new computer is just what I need to motivate me to create a bunch more work for Printsource which is next month.
my work space
A quick reminder that Christmas is just around the corner....and my Etsy shop will be going on Holiday for 2 weeks. So, place your orders now! Last day I am shipping is on Wednesday, Dec 22. The shop will be closed until January 10. Click here to shop.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i am back

It has been a long time. I am sorry to have vanished without any warning. So much is going on here that I had to take a week off to focus on wrapping up some projects. Not to mention I wanted to spend time with Steven and friends. Here are a few photos to show you what I have been up to...

a long weekend in Austria enjoying snow, walks, hot chocolate and time with friends. This is the local pub we hung out at one night.
The most beautiful bird I have ever seen! Just hanging out and swimming around a half frozen pond. Nature does amazing things with color!
enjoying hot wine at Vörösmarty x-mas market in Budapest
shows, shows and shows. 5 shows total. I am exhausted.
finished the wall hangings and moved them to their new home!
Tomorrow I am heading to Vienna to visit the x-mas markets and pick up a very special gift for myself. I will share more on Thursday.