Monday, April 30, 2012


Buried in new work and planning for future adventures has me excited and stressed...

studies for a new collection

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday eye candy

Have you seen this video by Kina Grannis??  Take a little break and be inspired by the making of this video.  Then watch the final video below.  Truly amazing!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hungarian jewelry designer - Krisztina Stomfai

I kinda have a big birthday coming up this weekend.  In an early gift to myself I bought a ring from local Hungarian designer, Krisztina Stomfai .  I have had my eye on this ring for over a year.  When I went to WAMP last weekend and saw she was at the show and selling the exact ring in the exact size for tiny finger I felt it was meant to be.  I love that this ring is one solid piece of metal-how cool is that!  

Krisztina Stomfai

These are some of her other designs that I think are adorable!

a finished quilt

I received a lovely email from Jennifer Matuska.  Attached were images of the quilt she made using the Bonjour! fabric collection.  Jennifer, thanks so much for sending the images.  It is so great to see how others put the fabrics together.

Quilter: Jennifer Matuska
Pattern: Sparkle Punch from Elizabeth Hartman
Fabric: Bonjour! by Diane Kappa
The back is adorable!  So cute and unexpected!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sunday, April 15, 2012

getting messy with paint at printa

I took a screen printing class at Printa with 2 friends on Friday.  I took a class years ago but wanted a refresher and wanted to work on a 2 color print which I have never done.  The staff was super nice.  I should had planned on more time at the studio.  I felt a bit rushed....screen printing takes a long time.  The actual producing of a print is easy.  It is the set up and preparation that takes forever and is difficult.

Unfortunately we ran out of time and I never got to work on the one print I was so excited about.  But the screen is made and the prints will be made in the next few weeks.  We did get to work on the other two prints that I brought.

A little sneak peak at a project I have been working on with Parna!
I am so excited about this!  I love this print!  I can't wait to show the you the final product!
The drying rack.
Pulling the second color
So exciting to watch it all come to life
mmmm.....mixing colors!
This is the print we ran out of time on.  And it is my favorite!  It was one of my black and white paintings I did at Christmas.  I will be making 20 prints and will be selling them on Etsy in a few months.  So stay tuned!
I am thinking about doing a bunch of designs on a big scale - A2 size.  I would love to go even bigger.....hmmm.  Any thoughts?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

weekend escape

Thermal baths, massage, amazing dinner buffet, a good book and 2 friends.  A much needed break from the city.  No computer, no sketchbook and no deadlines. A weekend at Hotel Palota in Lillafured.

Cool breeze, warm sun, private balcony and a good book.
Lillafured (photo taken from the website.  the hills were not this green yet.)
the lake
finding inspiration in the decorative lights
a leisurely walk through town brought us to this amazing gate.
stain glass windows surrounded us at lunch everyday
a stop in Mezőkövesd on Easter Sunday.  crafts and folk dancing.

Friday, April 6, 2012

look love send - corsage

Another new wedding collection with Look Love Send.  This one called Corsage and it comes in 7 color combinations ranging from traditional to modern!  Click here to see all the options.  

Am I missing the color you want?  Comment and tell me what your wedding colors are and I can design it for you through Look Love Send!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Szentendre - a short trip out of town

Sunday I headed to Szentendre with some friends.  We were heading to a design market.  It was so nice to get out of the city.  A few things caught my eye....

What a great sign with little birds and flowers and even a nice script font.

A yummy cake shop:)

I do love doors with texture and color.
 Beautiful ornate cross in the center of town
side streets
At the market we visited my friend and fellow silk painter Nora Hoover.
 I love these pillows!  Silk painted and embellished with felt and thread.  The colors and simplicity of these are so modern!
 If your interested in seeing more of Nora's work you can email her at

hard at work - sketches

I have been drawing detailed flowers and paisleys a lot lately.
I like the change from the usual painterly florals.
What are you drawing?

Monday, April 2, 2012

fabrics and folk costumes

Saturday I went to the National Táncház Festival and Fair in Budapest.  There festival was focused on dancing but the big surprise for me was the amazing flea market in the downstairs level.  I was smart to bring limited cash or I would have gotten into some trouble.  Why you ask?  The whole market was old textiles - mostly old folk costumes - in beautiful fabrics!  I did sneak in a few photos.
I learned these fabrics were made in Slovakia from a factory that no longer exists.  Sad.
Piles and piles of skirts and jackets.
I love this black and white with pops of pink and turq!

Love this photos of the two ladies in headscarves.
I was eying this jacket and skirt the whole time.  I love the yellow with pink and blue flowers!  So much color.  And check out the embroidered red floral belt to the left.
I am so glad I went.  There was so much inspiration especially for color.

pretty in pink

Happy Monday!  The pink tree outside my front door is starting to bloom.  I love this tree.  I just wish the flowers stayed longer.