Thursday, March 26, 2009

Silk, Shows & Stores

After my last entry about the silk prices in Budapest, my inbox was flooded with emails from friends and family asking what I needed them to send. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I am actually anxious to start working with oils and to set the silk aside for right now. I think this is a time to experiment and try something new. I have been busy all week getting artwork to a rep in New York and preparing for two local shows so I haven't had a time to paint. But I hope to start this weekend.

The first show is tomorrow at the North American Womens Association's (NAWA) general meeting. Each month NAWA has a guest speaker. They always have a few vendors who are related to the theme of the speaker. Tomorrow, Hungarian sculptor Janos Kalmar is going to share his insights on the creative process and the life of an artist. And, in keeping with the celebration of artistic talent and creativity, NAWA is offering their members the opportunity to exhibit their creations at the meeting. I am a little nervous about showing for the first time here in Budapest. My colors and style are very different from what I see around me. I hope I get a good response!

The next show is on Sunday. The American International School is having their annual International Festival. I don't know what to expect but I hear that many people attend this festival and that it is allot of fun! If you are in Budapest, I hope to see you at one of the events!

Here is a photo of some of the items I will be selling.
Can you tell I have spring fever! Look at how bright the colors are!
On a different note, I spoke with my very good friend Josephine earlier this week. She let me now that two of my prints are on the Nordstrom website. Click here and here to check them out on the website!
Susina Toe Front DressTildon Lightweight print Scarf

Well, I have some last minute preparations to attend to. I will post photos from the events next Thursday! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Searching for Creativity

I have been searching and searching. Searching for silk paints and silk, my media of choice. My hand wants to hold a brush, not a mouse, not a pen, but the freedom of a brush. I want to be in that place where my mind lets go and the bristles of the brush glide along the fabric creating beautifully colored shapes. It is not that I can not find silk paints...its just that they are in tiny bottles and are hobby silk paints. Their colors are dull and uninspiring.

I have been searching and searching and have not had very much luck. During my Frankfurt trip in January I meet another silk painter who shared with me the name and number of a women who sells professional silk painting supplies. With great excitement I visited her office on Monday evening. She showed me silk paints that had colors I have never seen available and in 1 liter containers! The colors shouted at me to buy buy buy! And then the silk came out and I would have to buy 11 meters (12 yards) no problem I thought, I use to buy 25 yards at a time!

And then the cost...

USA Prices
Silk paints: 250 ml for $8
Silk fabric: 1 yards $6

Hungary Prices
Silk Paints: 250 ml for $10
Silk fabric: 1 yards $32

My mouth fell open and out came..."oh". The women said I had very good taste in silk...I told her the price I paid in the USA and she said..."oh".

I left her office empty handed. I just can not bring myself to pay $32 a yard for silk that I use to pay $6.

When I was in Estonia at Christmas I expressed my frustrations of limited silk painting supplies to Anu Raud (an Estonian textile designer). She suggested that this could be an interesting time for me. A time to use what is available and maybe see a change in my art...maybe some creative growth.

A few years ago, I inherited my mothers oil paints and brushes. They were one of the few things I brought with me to Hungary. They have been sitting in a box patiently waiting for me... Now is the time.

I have in my possession more oil paints than I know what to do with it. And the brushes I own have been well loved by my favorite artist. So, with butterflies in my stomach I will start to paint...with oils.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have SPRING FEVER! And I have it bad! So, I am having a Spring Fever Sale!

All pillows are $28!
  • original Diane Kappa designs
  • 100% silk with feather/down inserts
  • easily dry cleaned
  • great gift for Easter and Mother's Day!
Click here for more info.
Also, check out Scoutie Girls blog! She featured my pillows! Click here to read!