Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Press: Otthon Magazine

I was very excited to see my Christmas cards in the December issue of Otthon magazine.
Check it out!
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am giving a 15% off everything in my store!
Just type in the code "holidaycheer15" at checkout and the discount will be taken off your items! Click here to shop!
Sale ends December 1, 2010!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

tired eyes

Good News! It was my tired eyes! I went to my studio today and the colors still looked light but when I put the second coat on the background it made everything look darker. The one on the right was the one of concern. The circle pattern at the top looks different but when it is finished it will look like the other two.

Now onto setting the dyes...a long and important piece of the process. One thing about silk painting is that how the painting looks when you are finished painting is not always how it looks when the dyes are set. Colors can lighten or bleed into other colors. I always get a bit nervous the first time I submerge the silk into the water.

Before any liquid comes near the silk, I will wrap the pieces in newsprint paper and put them in a back plastic bag (undisturbed for 72 hours). Then I steam them on the stove, wash them in a special chemical and then wash them in a mild detergent. Then carefully keep an eye on them as they air dry.

I promised to deliver on Thanksgiving. Pictures to follow after they are in their new home.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

honest mistakes happen in the pursuit of perfection

The above quote popped into my head last night as I was leaving my studio.

I was diligently working last night on the third wall hanging for the trip tic. I was a bit shocked when I noticed that the colors did not dry the same as the other two pieces! It was dark when I took one last look and the lighting was not so great in the flat...keep your fingers crossed it was tired eyes and that it will all look fine when I see them in the morning.

Here is a picture of the middle piece and the third drawing. You can see how the design passes from one piece t the next.

On a happier note, I headed to Vac on Monday with a group of friends. We went to visit a company dealing in antiques. There were two warehouses full of old furniture, iron gates and all sorts of odds and ends! I fell in love with two things that I just had to have...

These two beauties are Zsolnay from 1910-1930! They look so modern!
I am curious to see other pieces by Zsolnay in this same style. I haven't been able to find anything on the internet that comes close to this style or color.

This was their home in the warehouse...
...their new home in our flat:)
This piece is from around 1900 and the green is why I thought this was so special. The green is close to being a lime green. I have seen so many pots like this in Hungary but none with such a bright green color.
It is thirsting for some flowers.
I will let you know how the wall hanging looks....fingers crossed...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

notebooks and cottages

I recently finished up another project for Catherine's Cottages...notebooks & cards.

And I love this! The logo I designed for Catherine on her new truck!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mark your calender!

Did you hear? I updated my Etsy shop! New banner & new products! Lots of new products that ship within the USA!

...And if your in Budapest no worries! I will be selling at many local shows! So far here is the lineup. So mark your calenders and come say hello!

November 19 10:00-12:00

November 26 10:00-12:00

November 26 8:30 - 16:00
AISB Holiday Bazaar
*I will be sharing a table with Shannon McNutt of Once Upon A a Tutu.

There are two more events I am waiting for confirmation from. I will keep you updated!

Oh yeah, and some new products for my Budapest crowd! (they can also be found on Etsy!)
On a side note, I am starting to look at flights to NYC for Printsource! I am getting so excited! I love NY - the energy, the people, the bagels & creamcheese:)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Antoinette's Garden: painting started!

I spent all day in my studio yesterday working on the Antoinette's garden. It felt good to have a whole day to focus on this project. Two of the three pieces have the outlines finished and the backgrounds partly painted. It feels good to have finished so much yesterday. Tomorrow I head back for a full day of finishing these two pieces and starting the third one.

I need to vent....I have hit one bump in the road with the project...and it is the biggest frustration I have with Budapest. I went to the two art stores I know of that sell stretcher frames. The larger of the two said they will no longer sell the individual frames and of course they didn't have the size I needed. So, I went to the other store...closed. Empty, no sign, just closed. This is so common here and it frustrates me to no end. I can note tell you how many times a shop opens up and within the year vanishes.

These were the only two stores I know if that sell the frames. It saddens me because all the art stores are being replaced with "hobby" stores. So, I may end up going to Vienna to buy my frames...now how ridiculous is that when I live in a city known for its arts!

If you know of any art stores in Budapest that sell actual stretcher frames please leave me a comment. I could use some help and insider advice on this one.

painting cherry blossoms and peonies

...worked on prints for my NY rep...recolored in the computer in Spring colors... they look fresh...

These are the beginning paintings. Now imagine them in pinks, creams and steel blues!
Today is a full day in the studio painting silk! Pictures coming soon!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Press on "True Up"

Thanks to True Up for mentioning Bonjour on their blog yestedray! Click here to read about my and my friend Khristian's next collections with Anthology fabrics!

4 days in Transylvania

Transylvania...What an amazing 4 days! We arrived late on a Wednesday night with empty bellies (they wouldn't be empty for long). We unpacked, washed up and then had our first bread making lesson. In the next 4 days we would bake bread, learn cheese making, hike in the most beautiful valley, see old mills at work, learn traditional textiles techniques, learn the art of egg painting and meet the loveliest people.
Making Bread
In many ways it was like stepping back in time. In the village there are more horse and carts than cars and all the food was homemade. Literally, nothing we ate came from a store. The jam was from the berries picked in the forest, the butter made the night before, the cheese made by a neighbor, even the mayonnaise was homemade. We were so spoiled with the amazing food and drink!
one of our "light" meals
Our transportation
We were also completely spoiled by our guide Erika. She was so flexible and accommodating. Each day she would run down a list of possible activities. We could choose all of them, none of them, some of them, whatever we wanted. As soon as she found out I loved textiles, we were stopping by homes looking at embroidered folk costumes, crocheted tablecloths and woven carpets. She was truly amazing! We all fell in love with this village called Hidegség and the people that live there.

An adorable couple we meet. She had the most amazing textiles. She had made everything. That pink blanket they are sitting on is one that she made.
she finds the time to weave in between the milking
We were able to experience their first snow!
I fell in love with this little lady. I was trying not to look like a giant next to her that is why I am standing funny. She was such a great host as she invited us into her home and showed us how to make cheese.fresh cheese
As a side note...I must say that I really love the country life. However, I understand that life for a farmer is very hard...there are no breaks. Visiting as a tourist is wonderful and we were completely spoiled! We never had to help with the hay cutting, cow milking, wood cutting, or washing. We were able to sleep in and relax. The people in the village are hard working and life is not easy for them.

Richard, Bonnie, Erika (our guide), Steven and me.
Steven was in Peace Corps years ago. He said that the experience we had was much like his Peace Corps experience except nicely packaged so we could have a unique experience every minute of the day. I am very much looking forward to visiting Erika and the people of Hidegség again. If you are looking for a unique country experience in Transylvania I can not say enough about about Erika. She is what made the whole experience fantastic!

Feel free to email her if you are at all interested in visiting. I guarantee a unique and fantastic experience!!
Erika Nyika

Please visit my
flicker page for more photos!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Lavender fields bloom, while I am serenaded by cicadas. Window shutters in blue and green hues with cascading flowers falling from the sills. Sitting under the terra-cotta rooftop, enjoying a latte while a gentleman with a baguette tucked under his arm walks by. He tilts his head, and with a smile, says "Bonjour!"

This weekend my third collection for Anthology fabrics launched at the Houston International Quilt Market! I believe this is my strongest collection yet! Working with quilters gave me a better idea of how they mix and match the fabrics creating their colorful works.

I created the colorways so that fabrics from each story could cross over and work with the other color stories. For example, the green and white bird from the "purple haze" combo would look great with the medallion or large floral from the "autumn leaf" combo. Or you could match it with the brown floral and green-blue stripe from the "cloudy days" colorways.

Purple Haze Combo
Cloudy Days Combo
Autumn Leaf Combo
Are you a quilter? I am very interested in your thoughts on this collection.