Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Have you heard of Herend? They are in the latest issue of Elle Decor (UK edition). I feel fortunate to live in the country where Herend is located - Hungary!

Tuesday, Sue (my friend) and I went to Herend for a factory tour. It was absolutely inspiring and wonderful! I have never been drawn to this type of pottery but after learning that all the factory workers go to "Herend School" for 3 years and graduate as either an expert potter, sculptor or painter-I was hooked! Herend employs 1000 people, 400 of them are painters. Any of the artists at Herend can submit new designs. They are then presented to a committee who decides if the designs are right for the Herend Collection.

What really impressed me is that 75% of the companies shares are held by the employees, while the remaining 25% are owned by the state.

This women is cutting all the little pieces out.
This piece will take about 4 hours.

All the colors are premixed to Herend standards.
They also work with 14 karat gold.

Depending on the painting technique, the artist has a little
freedom with how the paint is applied and how the colors are mixed.

Each painter has a small signature line weight or marking that allows
them identify the pieces they painted. Only the artists knows and sees
this mark. It could be as small as the thickness of a line be a little thinner.
I love this design.I love all the colors and the butterfly makes me so happy!A fun and different piece for Herend. I saw this in the Museum.
I cannot remember who the designer was.


alma wad said...

Hi Diane ! I am so happy that i found your blog! I am a great fan of Hungarian china decoration ! 20 years ago myself I was thinking about joining Herend china painting school . It sounds so good place to work at !
Lucky you !

alma wad said...

China of Herend makes a perfect Hungarian Gift.

Diane Kappa said...

Hello Alma,
I am glad you found my blog! I loved Herend! I agree it sounds like a great place to work! I have fallen in love with all the Hungarian crafts-the lace, embroidery, china! So much to see and be inspired by!