Tuesday, April 10, 2012

weekend escape

Thermal baths, massage, amazing dinner buffet, a good book and 2 friends.  A much needed break from the city.  No computer, no sketchbook and no deadlines. A weekend at Hotel Palota in Lillafured.

Cool breeze, warm sun, private balcony and a good book.
Lillafured (photo taken from the website.  the hills were not this green yet.)
the lake
finding inspiration in the decorative lights
a leisurely walk through town brought us to this amazing gate.
stain glass windows surrounded us at lunch everyday
a stop in Mezőkövesd on Easter Sunday.  crafts and folk dancing.


Adri Bruckner said...

Beautiful pics, glad you enjoyed it! I was considering this place for my upcoming list of Hungarian palaces and castles, although it would be an unconventional entry...

Diane Kappa said...

It was great! I will be going back in June! It was beautiful, quiet. A perfect lazy getaway!

Josephine said...

Such beautiful pics!!! I'm so glad you took the weekend to soak everything in and relax away from any type of work!! SO FUN!!!