Monday, April 2, 2012

fabrics and folk costumes

Saturday I went to the National Táncház Festival and Fair in Budapest.  There festival was focused on dancing but the big surprise for me was the amazing flea market in the downstairs level.  I was smart to bring limited cash or I would have gotten into some trouble.  Why you ask?  The whole market was old textiles - mostly old folk costumes - in beautiful fabrics!  I did sneak in a few photos.
I learned these fabrics were made in Slovakia from a factory that no longer exists.  Sad.
Piles and piles of skirts and jackets.
I love this black and white with pops of pink and turq!

Love this photos of the two ladies in headscarves.
I was eying this jacket and skirt the whole time.  I love the yellow with pink and blue flowers!  So much color.  And check out the embroidered red floral belt to the left.
I am so glad I went.  There was so much inspiration especially for color.

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