Sunday, April 15, 2012

getting messy with paint at printa

I took a screen printing class at Printa with 2 friends on Friday.  I took a class years ago but wanted a refresher and wanted to work on a 2 color print which I have never done.  The staff was super nice.  I should had planned on more time at the studio.  I felt a bit rushed....screen printing takes a long time.  The actual producing of a print is easy.  It is the set up and preparation that takes forever and is difficult.

Unfortunately we ran out of time and I never got to work on the one print I was so excited about.  But the screen is made and the prints will be made in the next few weeks.  We did get to work on the other two prints that I brought.

A little sneak peak at a project I have been working on with Parna!
I am so excited about this!  I love this print!  I can't wait to show the you the final product!
The drying rack.
Pulling the second color
So exciting to watch it all come to life
mmmm.....mixing colors!
This is the print we ran out of time on.  And it is my favorite!  It was one of my black and white paintings I did at Christmas.  I will be making 20 prints and will be selling them on Etsy in a few months.  So stay tuned!
I am thinking about doing a bunch of designs on a big scale - A2 size.  I would love to go even bigger.....hmmm.  Any thoughts?


Josephine said...

I LOVE this Diane!!! That class looks like a blast! Love your large scale design too - can't wait to see more!!

Diane Kappa said...

Thanks Josephine! I am excited about the designs and can't wait to see the large one finished! We should find a class/studio in Seattle:)