Friday, March 30, 2012

Mirko's masterpiece

This week I have been on a yoga mission.  3 classes to get myself back in the routine and for Andrea to push me into not being lazy in the poses.  Well, Wednesdays class started a bit late and her son Mirko came along.  He hurt his leg and wasn't able to go to school so he sat on the couch and watched us as we did sun salutations.  As they were getting ready to leave he started asking questions about my computer and wacom tablet.  Before I could even begin to explain he picked up the pen and started drawing in photoshop.  He knew exactly what to do!  This kids is not playing on an ipad everyday and to know how to select a color and draw in photoshop...I was shocked!

When I was a CAD trainer some of the new employees who had never used a wacom would struggle for that first hour.  Getting the eye to look at the screen while your hand is doing the drawing can be weird at first.  Mirko who is only 7, sat down and was instantly comfortable.  I had to snap a photo while he was in his element.  Could he be my first intern.....hmmm??

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