Tuesday, March 20, 2012

loving friends and a really exciting project

I am back!  Back to blogging, back to Budapest, back to normal I suppose.  The past few weeks have a been a bit of a blur.  I was in DC for 2 months living in a extended stay hotel while my hubby went through training for a new job.  I had a pretty good setup actually.  A huge desk, reliable internet and a view of the capital.  Not too shabby.  And I got to explore the museums and restaurants of DC with my best friend.

Two weeks ago, I got on one plane and he got on another.  I came back to Budapest and he headed to Afghanistan.  It was a sad goodbye but I feel fortunate to be back in our home surrounded by loving friends, a beautiful city, and some really exciting projects...

I just finished designing 2 pillows for Parna.  I met Kath from Parna a few years ago when I moved to Budapest.  A mutual friend thought we should meet since we both had a passion for Hungarian folk art. It wasn't until a few months ago when Kath called me and asked if I would be interested in doing some design work for her.  I wish I could share the designs but you will have to wait.  I will say, that I am very proud of them.  They are a perfect combination of folk with a touch of Diane:)  And it has been great fun to work with someone who is as passionate (if not more so) about Hungarian folk design.

Today when Kath and I met to wrap up some details, she gave me this sweet pencil case.  It is made in Hungary using a traditional technique; a pattern is first drawn on what will be the top layer of felt, the piece of felt is sewn onto the base following the pattern.  The top layer is then cut around the sewn lines revealing the bottom layer.  Kath sells pillow that use this same technique.  Click here to see the pillows.

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