Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a day at the museum

Last Friday I headed to the museum with my dear friend Fiona.  We went to the Museum of Ethnography in Budapest.  Specifically to see their current exhibition on rugs.  The below was taken from their website...
"The exhibition in the Museum of Ethnography, part of the Uplifting Century national series of programmes, presents rugs made in peasant households in the light of and together with the efforts made in the late 19th century to promote home industry. Throughout Europe measures were taken to promote home industry as a way of helping women to earn an income from their handwork and rise out of poverty (training workshops were set up, courses launched, weaving looms allocated, pattern sheets distributed, exhibitions and bazaars organised).

The exhibition shows the efforts for integration that were made throughout the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in its multiethnic richness: besides Romanian hand-woven rugs from Maramures, Serbian, Romanian, Croatian and Bulgarian rugs from the Banat and Vojvodina, there are also woven rugs 'festékes' of the Székelys from Transylvania and Bukovina, illustrating the great variety of these objects, their technical and functional similarities and differences. "

I love the old photos of people and their homes.  Notice the rugs are on the beds.
The exhibit was fantastic!  Below are a few photos.

My two favorite rugs from the exhibit.  The colors were amazing!

I had to take a photo of this very old "CAD" for my textile friends.  Check out the color chips at the bottom...not much has changed except we no longer do this by hand.
And my photos would not be complete without a few photos of the building-amazing.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! Love the colors.
Such a pretty building.