Thursday, March 29, 2012


So excited to finally pick up my LOKALwear samples!  They are amazing if I must say so myself.  The fabric is so soft and cozy.  And the printing and embroidery turned out better than I imagined.  Bruna and Panka have been great to work with and I am excited to see what we work on next!

psss....did you know that you can order online even if your in the states.

This is my favorite bird tee

I have to give LOKALwear a big applause for thinking of every little detail.  Bruna packaged up my samples with as much love as she would for a customer.  The brown paper band and the bag with ribbon... all these nice touches make it extra special.  And to top it all off the hangtag tells the story of where the inspiration came from.  So, you not only get a great soft, beautiful shirt but you get it made with love from owner - designer - embroider - sewer - printer - shipper:)  (Thats my sales pitch!)

 I have to tell you a secret - I saw the new accessory line while I was in the office - AMAZING!  Bruna tried to explain months ago her idea to me and I just didn't get it....I got it now and I will be placing an order as soon as it is available!  The earrings....truly unique and beautiful!

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