Monday, May 17, 2010

finding spring in wind and rain

What a weekend. The weather has a taken a serious turn...for the worst. It has been so windy that telephone poles and huge trees have toppled over. It has rained non stop for days and the temperature has dropped to the daily highs of 50 degrees f. Where did spring go?

With all the dreariness outside, I try to create a warm, bright atmosphere inside by lighting candles, listening to some Bob Marley and looking through spring magazines...I can pretend, right?

Saturday I sat around in my cozy clothes and worked on a new inspiration board. Can you see the spring influence mixed with "warming" colors. Not pure pastels but soft tones. There is no pure white, but a warming cream. Think vintage, antique and the fuzzy sweater I am wearing:)

A little Bob Marley always makes me feel good and warm. When I lived in Seattle and the rain would be too much, I put on some Bob Marley and let the music warm me from the inside out. Enjoy and be warm.

Come back tomorrow....I am going to share my BIG news!!!


grandma J. said...

I can hardly wait!!!!

Sára said...

lovely moodboard! :)

Diane Kappa said...

Thanks Sara! Hope you are surviving these terrible winds.