Monday, May 24, 2010

quick trip: vienna

Last week we made a trip to Vienna. My husband enjoyed a Kiss concert with a friend. Meanwhile, myself and a friend enjoyed a beer in a local pub. We were only there for one night and I wish I could have stayed longer. Vienna is not far from Budapest - about 2 hours by car. (Unless the highway has a large whole in it, then it is 4 hours. Yes, due to the rain and flooding in Hungary, the M1 had a huge sink whole.)

Oh yeah, while I was there I hit my favorite art store, Boesner, and stocked up on supplies!

a few photos...

How cute is this bike! I love the basket,
cute polka dot seat and that awesome bike bag.

The rain has encouraged the wild poppies to
bloom all along the side of the highway.
cute garden shop

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