Monday, May 24, 2010

furniture painting

My friend Fiona paints beautiful boxes. They are "treasure" boxes. Small (sometimes larger) boxes with motifs that represent the person the box is made for. She claims she is no artist, but I disagree.

Her latest project is painting an old cabinet for herself. She wants a Transylvanian type design. She invited me over to join her in an evening of painting.

Transylvania painted furniture. (Ours won't look quite like this.)
our project: the cabinet
planning and sketching the design
top of the cabinet
one door finished
out come the paints
painting begins
We didn't get much farther than the above photo. I will update the blog when the cabinet is finished.

It was so fun to paint with someone. I love being self employed but it can get a little lonely. How refreshing to be able to collaborate and work on a fun project with a great friend! Thanks Fiona!


khristian a. howell said...

wow Diane! That looks like so much fun!

Diane Kappa said...

Khristian, It was. Nice to work with someone when I usually work alone:) You know how it is...

Shannon McNutt said...

Did you ever finish it? Looks amazing! I will have to show you my painted furniture sometime!