Monday, May 24, 2010

shadows of hope

We have had what feels like weeks of rain...hard thunder and lighting. Strong winds, horizontal rain and flooding. Wool sweater, leather boots and scarf kind of May!

Finally I see hope between the thunderstorms.

I am heading to a photo shoot in an hour. I am a bit nervous. I will be having some portraits done as well as pictures of me painting and drawing. Wish me luck. Hopefully I can look relaxed and casual. I will share the photos in a week or two.

This is it for this week. We are heading to a spa for 3 days! We are very excited to get out of town and relax. See you back here on Monday!

1 comment:

grandma J. said...

Diane, you will do great with the photo op, relax and enjoy it. Have a great weekend with Steven. Love you lots.