Wednesday, October 28, 2009

we are talking christmas already?

I can not believe that Christmas is in less than two months! Where did the summer go? I know you probably don't want to even think about Christmas...I know my husband doesn't. He told me last night he wasn't ready to think about it. Well, being that I need to finalize my Christmas card designs by Friday....I need to think about it. So, I am back asking for your advice. Asking for feedback this way has been so successful that I really am anxious to hear what you think. I have 5 designs but I do not have to print all of them. Maybe it is only three or maybe I print more of two and less of the others? Or, maybe I go back to the drawing board.

What do you think? I anxiously await your comments!

Inside reads: Merry Christmas in 5 languages
Christmas Tree
Inside reads: Merry Christmas in 5 languages
Inside is blank
Merry Christmas
Inside is blank
Inside is blank


Anonymous said...

Love the angel, Christmas tree, Merry Christmas in many languages and of course the red birds, and I do like the snowflakes. Do not think you will go wrong on any of your prints. I personally like something written inside. :)

Diane Kappa said...

Hi Peggy,
Thank you. I thought I would leave some blank for those who do not celebrate x-mas....not to mention it costs me twice as much to print the words.

Unknown said...

They are just gorgeous! You are a true artist!

Unknown said...

I like them all! The snowflake one didn't appeal to me as much as the others, but then I thought you are right: for folks who don't celebrate Xmas but want to send a card (I have many such people as friends and they do send greetings for the holidays). If I had to choose, I'd take the first two....and I will buy some if you do market them here, definitely! Toni

Shamila said...

Hi Diane!

Here is my input: I like the bird and then angel for their originality and diverse appeal to folks of all walks celebrating holidays at that time. Then I like the tree, then snowflake.
xx Shamila

Lower said...

I like them all, too. Favs are angel, tree, birds snowflake and Merry Christmas. Wait a minute...that's all of them. One thought: do you think a multi-lingual one would sell here? Not sure. It might. If I were buying one it would be 'tree'. But you're talking to a guy who had a 13' Christmas tree in his apartment last year.

Kata said...

i love them all, except for the angel. the rays coming from the xmas tree are not my style either...

Diane Kappa said...

Thanks everyone! The results were so interesting between here at my facebook fanpage. Especially regarding the snowflake. It was either the favorite or less favorite. Wish me luck I ma heading to the printers right now.

Linda Shigaki said...

I love the angel!