Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hungarian Design Awards

The Hungarian Design Council celebrated the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the Hungarian Design Awards with an award ceremony and a poster exhibition at the Iparművészeti Műzeum (Museum of Applied Arts).

The exhibit was really impressive. It was great to see so much great Hungarian design all under one roof-it was very inspiring!

Special Award from the State Secretary for the Culture
of the Ministry of Education and Culture

Designers: Maurer-Kimes Ákos, Kucsera Péter, Ivánka András Rudolf, Ivánka Katalin
(I love this design. It is simple and yet so beautiful and peaceful.)
Hungarian Design Award
Designers: Je Suis Belle, Dévénzi Dalma Alma, Kiss Tibor
Garment Designer: Vereczkey Szilvia
(This is a dear friend of mine-I love the way she makes the fabric!)
Sport Kayak
Designer: Szilasi Gábor
(This design is so clever! I want one!)
Porcelain Cups and Packaging
Designer: Ágotai György

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