Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have been wanting to share with you a project I have been collaborating on...but as always...I can't share the details.  But I promise soon...VERY SOON!!  Until then I thought I would give you a teaser by telling you about the company, LOKALwear.  Their website says it best....
"Our passion lies on uniting the excitement and diversity that comes with fashion and design while exposing and at times re-discovering cultural gems that surround us. We are committed to work closely with local communities ensuring product authenticity, fair production practices, and long-term sustainability through contributing to the development of the local artisan communities and aspiring artistic individuals."
When Bruna approached me to discus working with her - I jumped at the chance.  We are going into production as I write this and I am super excited about the designs. This collaboration is a perfect match since my dream is to "create a line of home furnishings which promotes folk art by using traditional textile production, meanwhile helping sustain local artisan communities".  Sounds a bit like the LOKALwear mission don't you think?
The Matyó flowers are one of Hungary’s most distinctive folk art symbols. Originally from the Northeastern town of Mezőkövesd these flower patterns are believed to have developed in the 19th century by local women and are still used today as traditional embroidery motifs. Below are LOKALwear earrings.  Check out their website for more items.
The below photo is from the LOKALwear website - the Matyo women in the traditional clothing checking out LOKALwear's Matyo inspired earrings.  This photo says it all!

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