Tuesday, September 13, 2011

inspiration from fashion

I love fashion. In school, I enjoyed the researching, sketching, draping and sewing - the fittings and tweaking the garments until they were just how I envisioned them. It is sculpture for the body.

Today I spent an hour looking though the latest runways shots. I thought I would share a few collections that make my heart skip a beat. Enjoy.

Carlos Miele. The silk, the colors, the watery prints...I am in love. These are so beautiful. I think I need to get out the silk paints again. It have been too long.
The silhouette contrast between the image above and below is awesome! Both are so beautifully executed. My favorite collection so far.

Diane von Furstenberg (one of my favorite designers-love her prints)
She can be so bold...
...and feminine

Chris Benz-notice the painterly prints...makes me want to get out that paint brush.

More painterly looks by Donna Karen.
Do you have a favorite designer? Someone who inspires you want to get out the sewing machine, the paints, the dress form?


Bruna said...

You absolutely read my mind. Perfect print selection and very poetic descriptions to the point. Love it.

Diane Kappa said...

Thanks Bruna!

Check this designer out. Thanks to my facebook follower Kim for sharing this!


Jasmine said...

WOW. I did not know about Carlos Miele, but he is on my watch list from now on - these are amazing. I specifically L.0.V.E the first set of images you posted - the design of the fabric, on the right fabric, with the right cut - WOW. I am in love. Thanks for posting your inspirations!!!!

Diane Kappa said...

you are so welcome Jasmine! Enjoy! Who is your favorite designer?