Wednesday, September 21, 2011

brainstorming with my brush.

I have been very productive these last few days. So many ideas....

I think these would be great if they were HUGE paintings. What do you think?
Paint. Tear off paper. Throw on the floor. Next.
These are just ideas but I really do think if they were large and perfected a bit they could be cool...maybe a touch of color added?
Lets not forget flowers.
Never painted an iris before. They remind me of my mom. (She has been on my a lot lately.)
Below is one of mom's paintings. There is a glare on the glass-sorry.
(watercolor by Sheila Jordan Kappa)


Josephine said...

Gorgeous! I LOVE your black full-page line work pieces! And your mom's painting is so beautiful.

Diane Kappa said...

Thanks. I really am thinking of huge paintings...but how do I paint them in a small studio?