Friday, August 26, 2011

A peak into a future collection: "Bohemian Dreams"

I have been diligently working on a new collection I call "Bohemian Dreams". I have been wanting to design this collection for a long time, but the inspiration and ideas weren't coming together....until now. Pinterest has been a HUGE help! Have you heard of it? Have you signed up? It is a great way to visually brainstorm and created collections of images that inspire you. I have created 11 boards so far. I have a board for color combinations that I find beautiful, a board of studio images that are inspiring my future studio, and boards categorized by themes. Check out my boards here: Diane's Pinterest.

You will find a board called "Bohemian Dreams". I started this board by pulling images-any image-that was in the general feeling of what I envision for this collection. I have narrowed it down a bit and have come up with this.

Today I start drawing. I can't wait to show you the final collection when it is ready. I have two clients that this is being designed specifically for....more to come.

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