Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 days in Provence

I am back from Beaucaire and Provence. It was a great time relaxing, reading, eating, laying in the sun, shopping the brocantes (flea markets) and walking around all the cute little towns. Another great trip with tons of inspiring architecture, textures and motifs.

Below are a few photos I took of gates, railings and anything iron that I thought was photo worthy....

The colors of Provence are very washed out-mostly shades of tan and stone. When you see a building that has been painted a color, it stands out. The shutters and plants are really the only color you see when walking the streets. Below is a photo of Soulieado museum which I visited last year. I just had to go back and look through the shop...so many beautiful fabrics!
We traveled to many neighboring towns exploring wineries, tasting olive oils and enjoying casual lunches. Below are a few photos from around Provence. I love the green vines covering the buildings.

It was another great trip and I hope to returning again.

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