Monday, August 29, 2011

folk music...reinterpreted

I love folk art. I love seeing a traditional method or motif being reinterpreted into a modern new idea....

Last night I went to the Budapest Beer Festival. I was surprised by how much GREAT music there was! Two bands really stick out. First is Folkfree. This band mixes traditional Hungarian songs and instruments with rap-and they do it really well! The video below is from their website. The instrument in the beginning is so cool! Does anyone know what this is called?


Folkfree | Myspace Music Videos

The second band which !rocked! was called Firkin. Irish tunes speed up so fast you could hardly recognize them.
On their website I read they are also inspired by Hungarian folk music.This band had so much energy, you could not help but jump around and dance. They were truly amazing!

If you have a chance to see either band-GO! You will not regret it!

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Diane Kappa said...

I found out that instrument i love is called Tekerőlant.őlant