Friday, July 1, 2011

color & line - overcoming a creative block

I have been struggling with a design project. I just can't get over the creative block. So, I spent the evening (til 1 am actually) looking through magazines, making color sheets and brainstorming with a brush. As always, this helped.

Why is it so difficult to make time for this? I guess I feel guilty. Is this work? I need to remind myself that from this, work is easier.

Color Study Series

The above came from hours of doing this...

Then came the paintbrush. Playing with brush stokes and line weight.

What do you do to overcome creative blocks?


Mike Brown said...

Great demonstration Diane of feeding your mind and spirit with creative inputs and than GETTING STARTED!

Sometimes breaking a creative block is about moving away from your challenge. In your case, it was the "go deep" for inspiration approach. But ultimately, it's about taking steps forward, even if they feel like little steps to get started!

You ask about what readers do to break creative blocks. I did a blog post with 26 ideas I use plus others readers have shared. It might be helpful next time a creative block rears its head!

Diane Kappa said...

Thanks Mike! A great post. I will refer to next time I am stuck.

Josephine said...

This is great Diane! I am with you, and totally do this too - either completely immerse myself in it (away from the computer!) or I just walk away to take my mind off of it and do something that I really want to do. I did that today - went out and enjoyed the sunshine. When I came back I was ready to rock!

Diane Kappa said...

Josephine-being in nature definitely helps...actually just being far away from my computer works.