Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Diva" on Alluminare

I am excited to announce another new print with Alluminare! The print is called "Diva" and I think it is one of my best. It is so versatile! What do you think?

Try a bright colorway if you want a splash of color.
I envision this color way in a sea side home.
This is great for the modern and dramatic room!
I love it large on a lamp shade. It changes the whole look of the print, don't you think?
In black and white it resembles feathers.
I like this soft and peaceful colorway. Great for a living room or yoga studio.

Back to tying ribbons. I am so close to being finished!


Barbra Ignatiev said...

OMG absolutely love it! So swirly + girly.

Anonymous said...


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