Monday, November 1, 2010


Lavender fields bloom, while I am serenaded by cicadas. Window shutters in blue and green hues with cascading flowers falling from the sills. Sitting under the terra-cotta rooftop, enjoying a latte while a gentleman with a baguette tucked under his arm walks by. He tilts his head, and with a smile, says "Bonjour!"

This weekend my third collection for Anthology fabrics launched at the Houston International Quilt Market! I believe this is my strongest collection yet! Working with quilters gave me a better idea of how they mix and match the fabrics creating their colorful works.

I created the colorways so that fabrics from each story could cross over and work with the other color stories. For example, the green and white bird from the "purple haze" combo would look great with the medallion or large floral from the "autumn leaf" combo. Or you could match it with the brown floral and green-blue stripe from the "cloudy days" colorways.

Purple Haze Combo
Cloudy Days Combo
Autumn Leaf Combo
Are you a quilter? I am very interested in your thoughts on this collection.


sko_G knits said...

hi! i am a quilter and i really like this collection! i really like the geometric stylization and the graphic-ness of the patterns.

Diane Kappa said...

Hello Sko_G,
Thank you for the compliments. I looked at your blog. I love your quilts! Traditional with a modern twist!

Estelle said...

Hi Diane,

I am no quilter but I really like your new collection. It was great discovering what Beaucaire has inspired you.
Since launching Blisstiss, I have learnt that French women tend to prefer small geometric prints in not too vibrant colors and I can see fabrics in this new collection that will definitely appeal to them.

Diane Kappa said...

Hello Estelle,
It is good to know what the french market needs are. If you buy this collection I would love to know how it does. I really tried hard to make the color stories go with one another. I think they are many different variations to work with for quilting.

J-me said...

i love this collection almost as much as i love your sweet tooth collection!!

Diane Kappa said...

I have a personal attachment to Sweet Tooth since it was my first collection. However, I think the Bonjour collection as a whole works better. it will be interesting to see which one is a bigger success!

Did you make anything with Sweet Tooth? If so send me photos!