Wednesday, October 6, 2010

work in progress

We started house & cat sitting a few days ago. We are watching two friendly black cats in the heart of Budapest, Sam and Minnie. It is a nice arrangement really. We get to stay in a nice large flat in the heart of the city and I get 2 cats for company. I love having this much space. One table for painting and one with my computer. It makes me dream of having a larger studio where I can allocate different corners for different artistic processes...some day...

Here is where I spent a good part of yesterday.
These paintings get scanned into the computer and manipulated so much that in the end you can hardly believe they came from these painting. I paint with yellow and black because when I scan them in I can separate the colors easily.

I see these images as just the beginning, the skeleton of the final work. As I was painting, I couldn't help think that maybe I should take one of these and keep going, making it a final product. What do you think?

These two are my favorites.

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