Monday, June 21, 2010

Night of Museums

Saturday was "Night of Museums". This is an annual event held around the summer solstice during which museums in Hungary keep their doors open until late night and offer special programs. We headed over to two of my favorites places to check out what was happening.

First, we went to my friends gallery, Eventuell, where they were having an exhibition about Marimekko. The colors and patterns of Marimekko looked great in her gallery! They had a singer and a wonderful pianist perform. (The pianist also happens to be her 12 year old daughter - a master pianist in the making!)

I actually showed up a day early to get a few good photos of the exhibit before the crowds showed up. Glad I did or I would have no photos.
A new Marimekko fabric called "fox" to be released this fall.
I love this print! The colors and painterly feel make it a bit different for their collection. I am use to the more graphic 3 color prints.

Next we headed over to the Iparművésyeti Múzeum. They had so much going on! Along with their permanent exhibits, there was artists selling their handmade items, a room reserved for watching Bollywood movies, and live music. The below pictures were taken at around 11 pm. The place was hopping! (I ended up buying a beautiful silk painted top from the artist! I will post photos soon.)
Mitsoura - a Hungarian band with a very unique sound. Check them out on last fm here. They sounded great on Saturday!
To wrap up the evening we headed over to one of out new favorite bars, Jelen. It reminds us of Seattle with its relaxed atmosphere and arty feeling.
If you are in Budapest next year for this event. I would really recommend going. You pay one price (1200 ft - about $5.25) and this gets you into all the museums for the day. You get special exhibits and events, music and craft fairs. A great deal and an exciting and inspiring evening!

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