Tuesday, June 8, 2010

colors & textures - rust & decay

Recently, I have become really drawn to artwork with texture. It started with fine art and collage. I have seen this trend becoming stronger and stronger-or maybe I am just hyper aware since I love it. I love the colors, the depth, the layering.

I do not know the artist to the painting below.
If you have info on who this is, please let me know so I can give proper credit.
Claire Basler. I love her work. If you haven't been to here website you must check it out!
I started using textures in my own digital artwork and I am craving to try an oil painting where I can experiment and let loose. I will keep you posted on this.

For me and my digital work, textures add depth and interest to what would have been pretty flat artwork. However, I am always struggling with creating the textures, making them look interesting and spontaneous.

Well, two weeks ago Steven and I spent a few days with friends in a small town in Hungary called Döbrönte. We took a walk around town (which was a pretty short walk since it is a really small town) and I found some great inspiration. Check out the images below.

Closeups of houses and buildings. I really like the colors.
The colors of rust and decay-who thought they could be so beautiful!
I love these old buildings-they are everywhere in Hungary.
I can totally visualize a wonderful garden and a cute little
table and chairs. The gate - I would not change a thing. The colors are fantastic!
Feels like something I would see in Mexico.
What kind of trends are you seeing in the art world that are over flowing into the design world? Any prediction? Do you have any artist you recommend I look into? I would love your opinion.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, the colors in your rust photo of the gate are quite interesting. Would like to use this color palette in a web project.

...Tim Kenney