Friday, February 5, 2010

rododendron art & design shop, color inspiration board and more...

February is here! And, so far so good! Usually this weather (cold and dark) starts to get to me. Not this year. Maybe the snow is helping-it brightens everything up. Maybe its the tulips and gerber daisies I keep buying to brighten up my home and studio. Or maybe it is all the exciting projects I have been working on. Either way, I feel good about 2010.

I do have some exciting news to share if you live in Budapest. You can now find my cards and notebooks at a cool store called Rododendron Art & Design Shop. The owner of the shop found me during the holidays while I was at WAMP. We meet on Tuesday and had a good meeting. She selected my spring card collection and my notebooks for the store. If the month goes well, I will be a permanent artist in the shop! So, go buy some cards and notebooks-they are great for Valentines day!

The shop is located on Madách Imre út 3. (district 7). Click on the photo below and it will take you to their website where you can find store hours and other info about the shop.

Below are photos of the items you can find in the shop.
Back in August on worked on a color & inspiration board. Sort of ironic that we were heading into fall and the colors looked very springy-lots of pale blue and pinks. Now we are heading into spring (some day soon I hope) and my new color board looks more like fall with oranges, warm soft reds and bits of apple green. I really like the way the board turned out. What do you think?
Well, the drawing board is calling me. I started a new project this week that I am very excited about. It is taking allot of my time at the moment. You'll have to wait a bit for the details...stay tuned.


Linda said...

Congratulations on getting into the shop! I know you will do well there.

Diane Kappa said...

Thanks Linda!