Wednesday, February 17, 2010

budapest graffiti

Good morning. Sorry for missing my Monday post. I was feeling a bit icky and needed to rest. Tuesday I felt great and then this morning...woke up with a cold. Can spring get here already! I am starting to get spring fever in a bad way and I am tired of these winter colds!

Today we are going to take a look at Budapest's street graffiti. This is one thing Budapest has an excess of...unfortunately. I think graffiti can be cool and inspiring - look at Andy Warhol. but when old beautiful buildings are covered in tags and saddens me. These photos were taken when we moved here in Sept of 2008. We lived in the center of the city at the time. We went for daily walks around town and always came across some interesting art. So with mixed feeling...I share with you some of the cool art I saw on beautiful old buildings.

I realize that many of these buildings don't look so beautiful. Most of the time you have to look up and you see statues and art nouveau windows. I will post some of those on Friday.

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