Monday, January 18, 2010

blog spotlight: mia pearlman

I am back from New York and inspired, excited and buried in work! It was a fantastic week! I got to finally meet with my print rep! We have been emailing and using Skype, but there is nothing like a face to face meeting. He gave me lots of advice and encouragement-always a good thing!

I have so much to tell you about...the seminars, trends I learned about, exhibits I saw and people I meet. Whew! Lets get started...

I am going to start by telling you about a FANTASTIC exhibit I saw called "Slash: Paper Under The Knife". If you are in NY, you must see this exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design! 52 artists from around the world examining the remarkably diverse use of paper in a range of art forms. Over the next few weeks I will be spotlighting some of the artists I saw.

Today I begin with Mia Pearlman. Her site installation was amazing. She transformed the wall to look like it had come alive and was growing. I wanted to step into it. Her website shows cloud paintings that give me the same sense of intrigue. Calling me to come closer and take a peak into her world and her work. After seeing her piece I wanted more. I wanted a whole room that would surround me with her work. Check out her website here and be sure to watch the video! Truely an amazing artist!

Mia Pearlman
What do you think about Mia's work? Are you intrigued?


khristian a. howell said...

so cool! i have really fallen in love with this medium. I hope I will make it to the show! Sorry to miss you while you were on this side :(

Diane Kappa said...

Hi Khristian,
Th exhibit will still be up when you are in NYC! You should make a trip-well worth it!