Tuesday, January 5, 2010

...i want to be a part of it...

New York, New York!!!

How are you? Is your New Year starting off on a good note? I hope so. I am still in Ohio visiting family. It has been such a good visit, filled with food, long talks and remembering those who couldn't be with us. My visit is flying by. I wish I could hit pause and just soak it all in while I am here.

Sunday I leave for New York. I will be attending Printsource and Direction-two print and pattern shows. There will be trend presentations and print reps selling art work to companies looking for...well...print and pattern. I recently started working with Group Four Designs. It has been a really great experience and I am happy to announce that you will be able to see my work at their Printsource booth!

I am really excited to head to New York and to be in the city that is full of museums and inspiration (and to see some friends I haven't seen in awhile)!! I will be heading back to Budapest on the 16 and will start posting all the exciting stuff from New York on the 18th. So, until then..."Szia"!
snowy Ohio

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