Thursday, September 10, 2009

need your help...

I have been stuck. Stuck in a creative whirlpool. Swirling and changing my mind over and over. Designing and redesigning. Thinking too much! ...over-designing. I miss the constructive criticism, the feedback and the brainstorming I once had when working with other creatives in a company.

I have been designing a line of cards and notebooks. I found a printer and am going to have 50-100 of each design printed. I think this is what has thrown me into this rut. I have to commit to a design...and I have to pay for that commitment....what if I choose the wrong design? The wrong color? If I choose the wrong design, I am stuck with 50 of something that I won't be able to sell.

So, I ask you, yes you. Please help me! Please comment on what notebook designs you think I should sell. Which ones should I print? Should I change the colors? I need some feedback. I don't care if you are a designer or not. Everyone is a consumer...would you buy any of these?

I can print 4-5 designs.
I think I will sell individually and in sets of two (except for the bird design...still working on another design to go with this.)

Please comment and choose your 4-5 favorite designs and send me any comments you have on how I can improve the designs.
PS. You should not need a Google account to comment. Just choose anonymous.


Jeni Putalavage said...

I really love all of them! My favorites are A, B, C, D

Wahine Sport said...

I love them ALL but since you are forcing me to choose... :) I like A,B,D,F,G. I don't think you will have any problems selling those desigs.

Aunt SueW said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. I LOVE the bird (of course), so G is my first pick and favorite. Then A and B, cause I like the very small detailed design better than the larger designs, but they're all beautiful. So, G, then A, then B. I also like the "minty green" better than the more "olive green". Would like to see the minty green with the cranberry reds and blues perhaps (like what's in the bird print). Just my thoughts. Good luck.

Renazzle said...

Birds are popular these days. G is my first choice. A is 2nd, and I think E is my 3rd.

Renazzle said...

Travis says he likes G and A. He isn't too keen on E, because of the shade of green that is used. He thinks it takes from the flowers. I still like E though.

Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

I LOVE all of them...really, really pretty! My favorites are A, B, D and F! Whichever you choose, I think you will do great...they are all lovely!


I would put my money on A B and D. Beautiful work Diane!!!! Miss you!

Andrea said...

A - being square minded : )
G with the bird - being Hungarian : ) (though you could try to add some funky stuff to the birdy one - funky colours or some background ... donno)

Andrea said...

Which size will they be? I think that is important too. I really love small size one max as big as my palm, but there are others who prefer bigger ones. Hungarian birdy got popular as far as I can see : )

Diane Kappa said...

They will be about the size of your hand...maybe a hair bigger. I am anxious to see them finished!