Saturday, September 5, 2009

kissed by the sun with salt in my hair

What a trip! It was short trip to Croatia but so needed and much loved!

Towns, food and some of our favorite things...
  • Moscenicka Draga: A small family friendly town with rocky beaches and fantastic seafood!
  • Volosko: A quaint fishing town with few tourists and more great seafood! I definitely want to go back to this place. I would love to spend a week here-relaxing, taking on the view and swimming in the sea.
  • Prosek: a tasty sweet wine served over ice. Great on a hot day!
  • Zagreb: The capital and largest city in Croatia. Great Museums, shopping and nightlife.
  • The Croatian Museum of Naive Art: I have so much to say about this museum that I will give it a post all of its own. Stay tuned!
  • Mirogoj Cemetery: a beautiful cemetery 15 minutes out of the city by bus. Beautiful, calming and quiet.
  • Seafood! We ate lots of calamari!
  • ─ćevapi: a delicious minced meat! Try the Rubelj Grill. They are everywhere and the quality and portions and prices can not be beat!!
The seasides of Moscenicka Draga & Volosko
The towns of Moscenicka Draga & VoloskoMirogoj Cemetery: 15 minutes by bus from downtown Zagreb
I lived in Seattle for over 12 years...the longer I am away, the more I see the impression it made on me. I crave salty air, the sound of waves hitting rocks and the attitude I have when I am by the sea. It really changes everything!

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