Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i heart boesner!

Boesner....the largest art store I have been in! They have everything from canvas's, paper, pens, oils, airbrush supplies, hand made paper supplies, art books and more. And, they even have a cafe so your spouse can have a cup of joe while they wait for you:)

I didn't buy much-they only take the Maestro credit card-no others. So cash it was!

One thing of note is below...their free catalog which is the largest catalog I have ever seen! Notice the 1342 peeking out...that is from the index.

So if you live in Europe here are the details of the shop I went to in Vienna:
Unter der Kirche 4
1110 Wien (Vienna)
tel: +43 1 769 73 76 200

My goodies!

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