Tuesday, July 7, 2009

finally...painting silk

Finally! I have started painting! After having some difficulty finding random supplies....I started to mix color and I have the first design! Has really been a year since my brush has touched silk?
Enjoy the photos. I would love feedback!

Step 1
Silk is stretched and the resist is drawn onto the silk.
Can you see the faint white line of the design?

Step 2
Creating and mixing the color palette!

I feel like a chef in the kitchen!

Step 3
Start painting! I would usually paint the background
last, but I am not committed to the rest of the colors yet.
I wanted to do a different color for the
background but could not decide so I started with
what I am comfortable with-dark chocolate.

Background finished.
I don't like the way the gutta lines are thicker than usual.
I used the same resist I used in the states
but it seems a bit runny. I don't know if it is a bad bottle??
I bought some different resist that I am playing
with that is a little thicker and I really like
the way it draws. The next painting I will pay with the line weight.

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