Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a full day of painting

I have been really busy with a number of projects. Once they are finished, I will update and post images and tell you all about them. I don't want to share until the projects are finished...maybe I am just a little superstitious.

Being busy is good, but having to be in front of the computer all day can take its toll. When I can spend a whole day with a brush and Gutta in my hand-I am happy! So, all day Sunday I painted! What a great feeling! I had Steven take some pictures of me drawing the resist onto the silk. I also bought a smaller frame to stretch. I want to experiment with shading and more detailed designs. Any silk painters out there with advice or inspiration?

Also, I need your help! I am trying to figure out a way to hang these wall hangings when they are finished. Any ideas??

I put my drawing behind the silk so I have guide.
You can see the drawing a bit in this photo.drawing with Gutta resist

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