Thursday, May 28, 2009

my comfort zone

This past weekend I went to an exhibit of woven fabrics at Eventuell. The artist spends 6 hours a day weaving the most beautiful fabrics! I was told it is like meditation for her-an inner calm. I completely understand what they were trying to explain to me. That is how I feel when I am painting silk. It seems so natural-so slow-so calming. So, today I went to my favorite online shop and bought colors, silk and dye set! WOOHOO!

After almost a year of trying to convince myself that I am OK with the idea of not painting silk, I have finally broken down and decided to go back to what I love! I went to the website I use to buy from in the USA and saw that they will ship to Hungary and that everything I need to buy is allowed to be shipped. (I was a little concerned since it is all chemicals and dyes.) And they have a new product-SILK! They sell silk even cheaper than the place I used to buy it!

I am so excited! I feel like a little kid at Christmas!

Me painting in my studio in Seattle-2006

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