Friday, May 8, 2009

An inspiring trip to Mezőkövesd

I am enjoying an espresso as I use a cafe's free WIFI so that this post may actually go live. I guess there are some advantages of no internet...

Mezőkövesd is 150 km (93 miles) north east of Budapest. The people living in Mezőkövesd are known as Matyó. Their traditions are strong and unique. Wood carvings with beautifully designed nature motifs, handmade lace and embroidery so brightly colored it makes my heart skip a beat!

We recently visited Mezőkövesd with our friends Adri and Joszef. We visited Adri’s grandmother who is a master embroider! Her hand embroidery is perfectly done-a true master! We had a fantastic traditional Hungarian lunch at Adri’s parents house - csirkepaprikas (chicken paprika), homemade pickled cucumbers and pickled salads! We feasted like kings and were treated like family. After our lunch we visited 2 museums, the machine museum and the folk museum. The museums were amazing and gave us a peak into what Hungarian life must have been like many many years ago.

Hungarian folk arts are so inspiring to me-especially those of the Matyo people. I only wish that this was still the fashion today.

Enjoy the photos.
I love the black silk with the bright colors
- hot pink, sunshine yellow and bright orange
with touches of blue and green! Even for MEN!
The hat of a bride.
So beautiful and what a statement!
Interesting to see the men in such ornate costumes.
This red table reminds me of something
I would find in Mexico. Wouldn’t you agree?
Amazing Woodcarvings
Adri, her sister and the woodcarver.
Embroidery designer at work.
The artist created the designs that were then passed to the embroider.
It was very unusual for the embroiderer to draw the design.

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Josephine said...

So inspiring and beautiful! The artistic style of the Matyó are right up your alley!! The clothing is so beautiful, and that table is amazing!! Thanks so much for posting Diane!!