Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Making Lace in Kunhegyes Hungary

I finally have internet! After 6 long weeks I am back! I am back to posting weekly so please keep coming back.

A few weeks ago Steven and I headed to the country side to escape. We (especially me) needed to escape the city, the pollution, the noise, the busyness...and our laptops. So, we headed to Kunhegyes. A small town east of Budapest. We took a 3 hour train and arrived at a beautiful town where making lace, home-made palinka and marmalade are still appreciated! We were surprisingly treated to a lace demo by the owner of the home. I was mesmerized by her handwork. Such patience and perfection. I tried to get an estimate of how long she has worked on this one piece. The answer was “a long time”. If she worked on it 8 hours a day everyday, it would take a few weeks! There is a short movie at the end of this posting.

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