Tuesday, September 3, 2013

morning painting class

Yesterday I started a painting class with Mati Rose. I wanted to take a class that would push me into a completely different painting direction. I want big fat paint brushes. I want to loosen up my style. Most of all I want no expectations. Just me and my paints. Here is the beginning.

I started to paint with my hands (hence the pink fingers). Get my hands dirty and leave all my inhibitions behind.
 Squirting paint with my left hand while I paint with my right.
I worked on 2 paintings at once. I worked on one while the other was drying. My favorite tool so far is an old credit card.
 This canvas is turning out interesting. Not sure what to make of it but I like it.

This one is a bit softer. 
Feels good to leave the paper and sumi brush behind for a day.

Hope you had a wonderful and creative weekend!

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