Friday, November 9, 2012

it was magical...

Bali was magical. An amazing 3 weeks traveling around Bali and the Gili Islands.  It is funny to write this post as I sit next to a fire sipping hot cider.  Bali was only 2 weeks ago and although my suntan is fading the impression Bali made on me is still strong.  

Here are some of my memories...
admiring nature
enjoying Balinese food
watching breathtaking sunsets
taking a Batik class
watching my husband paint a batik!
the generous and wonderful Balinese people
being invited to a special ceremony
riding a horse cart on an island with no cars.
watching the sunset with the feeling of complete inner peace
the beautiful statues
the amazing salt water pools
the market in Ubud
the offerings
the ladies who balance the world on their heads
the decorations everywhere (this was for a wedding)
being in love
the island of Gili favorite place
the mohito's with chili peppers!
the dance
Some things you can not capture on film:  
The smell of incense outside, everywhere.
The feeling of absolute calm.
Hearing a little voice from behind a gate yell at us, "Hello, I love you." (this really happened!)
The inspiration I brought back in my head and in my heart.


Josephine said...

Diane! What gorgeous photo's and priceless memories! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your amazing Bali trip! I especially like the one of Steve painting a Batik - super cool. : )

Diane Kappa said...

Thanks Josephine! I too liked seeing Steve paint.