Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a bali batik class

While in Bali, Steven and I took a batik class.  I was so excited for 2 reasons.  First, taking the class and learning a new technique while in BALI!  Second, my husband (who appreciates arts and crafts but does not enjoy participating in making art) took the all day class with me!

We had a fantastic time and I hope to return to Widya in a few years to take a week long class.  In case your interested the class we took was Widya's Batik.  It is near Ubud.  He picked us up at our hotel and drove us to his house and studio where we worked outside painting and laughing. He picked us up at around 10 and we were back at the hotel by 4. He walked us through the whole process giving as much information and detail as we were interested in. My husband was less interested in the details of what the dyes are made of and why we paint with bamboo.  I wanted to know everything and Widya was more than willing to share all his information with me. A thumbs up class that I look forward to taking again!

Sketching out my design.
hot wax
The drawing tool.  I took the class with expectations that I would be a master...I am a silk painter after all!  Boy, was I wrong.  This tool made me feel like I was learning to draw all over again.
Widya's assistant double checking my lines to make sure the wax went through.

You can't think of a design, or have no desire to try drawing one? No worries, there are plenty of stamps to use...

stamps in hot wax
Steven practicing with the stamps before working on his final piece.
Dyes-very interesting that the color you paint changes when it is exposed to heat. My dark greens were chocolate brown until they reacted with the heat of the sun and water.
I am so use to silk dyes that I expected the paints to work the same.  We painted on cotton and the dyes react very differently. It is not like watercolor painting which feels similar to silk painting.  This you really had to paint on - and with a bamboo stick or a stick with a sponge at the end!
Widya teaching me how to blend two colors with the bamboo. Our new friend Wayan encouraging from the side lines:)
Steven very focused with the painting.
A break for lunch.  Fish, rice and young coconut milk.
a few observers
Widya adding a bit of detail to my design. And making sure the wax is covering the design before we dye the background.
Wayan and Steven. Wayan was great. We met him at the Widya's and spent the next 2 days with him.
Putting final touches on the design.
Cooking the design in boiling water to remove the wax.
Final designs. Diane's on left and Steven's on the right.
A fantastic day!  I was so excited and felt so inspired learning from Widya.  One of my favorite things he said over and over...."There are no mistakes, only happy accidents!" Words to live by, would't you agree?


teri said...

We (my husband and I) are signed up to spend a day with Widya tomorrow. I was looking forward to this, and now I can hardly wait. Thanks for the sneak peak for us.

Diane Kappa said...

Have fun Teri and please tell Widya I said hello! Also, you may meet a guy named "Hot Chili". We hired him for the day to drive us all over the Island. He was great and hilarious! I would recommend him also. Have fun!!